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A handful of my recent game development projects.

Lume II

Lume is a rogue-like dungeon crawler with unique features and gameplay. The idea of the game is to navigate the procedurally generated network of dungeons and caves while collecting and upgrading gear, fighting monsters and bosses, completing quests and more. Once you’ve upgraded your player, weapons, armor and spells to your desire, you can enter a multiplayer arena to battle your friends and others online. See more »

Project August

(page coming soon)

This is a newer project of mine, still in the setup and engine stages. The core concept of the game has the player playing as an assassin character, tasked with dispatching a target and retrieving an object, all while remaining unnoticed.


(page coming soon)

Kickstand is a fast-paced sidescroller game. In it, the player rides on a motorcycle through a post-apocalyptic street, simultaneously shooting zombies, dodging debris and collecting coins and powerups. Multitasking is key – you have to keep your eye on everything to survive.


(page coming soon)

A mobile action-puzzle game, WRP (formerly EdgeWrap) was built in 24 hours for the Cipher Bonfire 2017 hackathon, where it won first place 😮


Check out the hackathon project »

WIP Assassin Engine

Using the same art assets as “Project August”, this game (also in the very early engine stages) currently has two modes– an infinite runner/sidescroller and a strategy platformer. Being a newer project, I’m not quite sure what I want to do with it yet.

See more »


Why the pixel art style?

I’ve experimented with many art styles in previous projects, and I’ve found that pixel art has the best ratio of effort/time to a potentially professional-looking outcome. As well, having a the resolution be constant means that the games as a whole look far more consistent, even with different art styles. So while yes, pixel art is a bit overused these days, it works well for me.


Why Lume ‘2’, what’s Lume 1?

Quite a few years ago, I began one of my first projects, which I later called Lume. Naturally being one of my first projects, it was pretty bad. Lume II is more of a working title, as I kept many of the ideas from the first game, but started again from the ground up.



• Some of the sounds in Kickstand serve as development placeholders and were not created by me. For more info click the settings button within the game.