About • Ayziak
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about me

Hi, I’m Aidan, I’m from Toronto.  I suppose I do a lot of things. Here on this site, I’ve consolidated it all into one neat interface.




    What does Ayziak mean?

    My name ‘Aidan’ has a handful of alternate spellings, and as such is misspelled a lot. I’ve seen everything from ‘Aiden’ to ‘Aydain’. While ‘Ayziak’ it doesn’t have any literal definition, it was originally the most anyone’s ever misspelled my name (yeah I don’t know either). I thought it was funny, and it was a unique enough pronounceable word to be available most places without numbers and the like, so I’ve used it online for a few years now.

    How is it pronounced?

    Phonetic: /eı-zi:-æk/

    Sounded: ay-zee-ack

    Is this www.aidansamuels.com?

    Yes, I have a couple of other domains pointing here.

    What’s that ‘A’ logo?

    Just something I came up with a few years ago. I had many versions & drafts before however: